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It’s my pleasure welcoming you to The Darul Arqam, a safe haven for our youth’s Islaamic education. The Darul Arqam is a traditional Islaamic school (Mahdharah) with a modern twist. It is a school dedicated to the memorization of the Qur’an, complemented with a variety of Islaamic studies that aid in its understanding i.e. Hadeeth, Arabic, History, etc. The school was founded to meet some of  the needs of  Muslims from the West, either living here in Mauritania or coming here to study from abroad.

For the brothers and sisters living here in Mauritania, who have families, we usually experience hardship when it comes to finding suitable educational institutions for our children. Either we:

  • Put our children in the traditonal schools (Mahdharahs) where the children begin their studies with the memorization of the Qur’aan. This is great al hamdu lillaah. However, in the mean time they’re only picking up the local dialect of the people and not classical Arabic. Also they fall behind in their academic  studies.
  • Keep the children at home. It’s great spending quality time with your children. However, most of us aren’t teachers. We don’t have the know-hows, experience, time, nor the equipment to perfrom a half decent job.
  • Resort to sending our children to the secular educational institutions here, either public or private. This option may be fatal. Very little importance is given to the religion; and academically the education system here is pitiful.

Some difficulties faced by those who come here, just for studies. Single or married.

  • One of the problems that I’ve noticed for both single and married students is that they often come without any idea what studying in Mauritania really is. Therefore, they may waste their precious time and money, which can be frustrating.
  • There aren’t any specially designed beginner classes here for foreign students, especially adults. Therefore, students at a beginner level often experience some difficulty getting over this hurdle.
  • Brothers with wives have a hard times finding classes for their spouses. It isn’t from the customs of the people here to teach someone else’s wife. The women were either taught by their relatives while growing up or by their husbands in the security of their own homes.

This is where The Darul Arqam steps in. We currently have classes starting from a Pre-K level. And for the children who are able to read, they’re memorizing Qur’aan and a text on the rules of Tajweed. After Ramadaan we’ll start our  primary school level classes, insha Allaah. Allowing students to keep up with their academic studies while being in an environment that encourages proper Islaamic etiquette and morals. We are hoping that those who understand that education starts at a young age, will take the oppurtunity to  participate in our program.

As for older students, we haven’t forgetten you. We are in the process of offering beginner level classes for older students. These classes are intended to be stepping stones, facilitating a smooth transition into the Mauritanian style of studying.

Our website is meant to be a tool of assistance. Providing  information  about Darul Arqam and Mauritania in general. We also supply information about some traditional schools(Mahdharahs) here in the country. Please make yourself at home, feel free to look around and ask questions.

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As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullaah

*** update 27-8-19 *** Presently there isn’t a Pre-K class *** sorry ***