As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu,

Al hamdu lillaah, please excuse the absence. We’ve entered the last ten days of this blessed month. May Allaah accept your efforts, increase them and give you ease and success in maintaining them. The most loved righteous deeds are those that are consistent.

The situation here in Mauritania is … I’m really hesitant when discussing what’s going on in Mauritania. Mauritania is much bigger than what I can talk about. So, I’ll limit my discussion to what is going on around me, Daawood. The Prophet Muhammed, صلى الله عليه و سلم, said, “By Allah, it is not poverty I fear for you, rather I fear you will be given the wealth of the world, just as it was given to those before you. You will compete for it just as they competed for it and it will ruin you just as it ruined them.” Competition is in our nature. We compete. It is said that it brings out the best in us. The problem isn’t competing, it’s what we are competing for. The “worldly things” that will end or the things we sow in this world that last. I see a generation of young Muslims busy, extremely busy with things their parents were never busy with before. For many of these young people, their parents were competing with each other over how much Quran they’d memorize for the day, or how many lines of poetry they’d studied. It truly scares me. What will this generation’s children be competing in? I have children and I’m scared for them. I’m scared for the people around them. These young people are in need of positive engaging activities to take their heads out of the screens.

ASK (AfterSKool) was created to serve as a solution to this problem by providing young students, regardless of their family income, with a spacious facility and enriching resources to offer the best learning environment possible. Al hamdu lillaah, we’ve got the land to work with but we need your help to build a center.

At this time, we are in the process of beginning a crowdfunding campaign on It hasn’t gone live yet but we are hoping that it’ll be soon. We’ll let you know when it goes live. Our objective is not only that you financially support this project but that you also get the world out there. To spread it to as many people as you can. Please.

Jazakum Allaahu khairan

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