We are a team of expats who have made hijrah (migration) to Mauritania. Most of us have studied here for several years in a mahdharah (traditional school). We are passionate about the concerns of the ummah and have initiated this venture as a means of ensuring a healthy and thriving future for Mauritania.  

Our founding director, Daawood ibn Wesley, is a trained TESOL instructor with nearly a decade of experience teaching youth in Nouakchott.  As a Muslim from the West, he has experienced firsthand what intentional and enriching experiences and perspectives can mean to young people. He has informally served as a mentor and guide to Mauritanian students that he has taught and seeks to expand his reach by serving a greater population of deserving youth. We pray that you will join us in further benefiting the youth of our ummah in an innovative, faith-based, and positive way.


Baarak Allaahu feekum (May Allaah bless you).

Thank you