One Year Later


Our nervous little children put on an entertaining performance for their parents last week. They’ve completed our preschool program and are now heading towards their first years in primary school education. Subhan Allaah, it seems like it was only yesterday, they were running outside during their breakfast break to kill ants. Now when they run outside they watch their steps and avoid stepping on them, mentioning that they, the insects, are the creation of our Lord ( هذا خلق مولانا ).

I’m grateful to Allaah for giving us the oppurtunity to educate these young children. And to their parents for permitting me, a young black man from across the Atlantic Ocean, to be a part of their precious youngsters’ lives. At first many of our neighbours were quite sceptical, wondering what’s this guy going to teach our children, didn’t he come here for us to teach him, now he’s teaching us? Al hamdu lillaah, we’ve earned their trust and respect. This video is clips of them demonstrating some of what they’ve learned this past year.






  1. umm zahraa

    masha’Allah! beautiful! may Allah increase you all for your hard work and diligent efforts! ameen!

  2. The Ali's Family

    Assalamu Aalikum, We really enjoyed looking at these photos and reflecting on when we were there. May Allah reward you for your efforts and give u Tawfeeq..(Ameen) Please don’t forget us in your Du’a, and convey our salams to your/our family inshallah. Wada’a Naakum ul-Mulana.. PS: if you can, please upload more photos, so that we can enjoy/share them with our family and friends. JazakalAllahuKhairan

  3. Abu Amaturrahman

    Subhanna Allah. masha Allah. Very well done. I think they all earn an A+ with advancement to the next level ha ha ha 🙂

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