Welcome to The Darul Arqam

As for what follows,

It’s my pleasure welcoming you to Darul Arqam, a safe haven for our youth’s Islaamic education. Darul Arqam is a traditional Islaamic school (Mahdharah) with a modern twist.

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Interview with the Director of Darul Arqam

What influenced your decision to start Darul Arqam?

Darul Arqam emerged from a common desire shared by families here in Nouakchott and abroad.

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About Us

In the name of Allaah The Most Merciful The Most Gracious

Hello, my name is Daawood and welcome to The Darul Arqam.  Two years after embracing Islaam,  I followed the advice of many brothers in my community and travelled abroad,

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